«Avihat» famous artists and echoed by the Egyptians in their daily positions: «You Get Ramadan?»

Avihat famous artists and echoed

Ephihat bears words and beauty echoed by artists during their work, whether theatrical, television or cinematic, throughout the history of art, famous and remained firmly in the minds of those who heard them, as well as linking those words to the survivors even after their departure.

In this report, El Masry Light reviews the most famous artists known to be Egyptian artists and echoed in their daily positions.


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The late artist was known for his appearance in the film “Demons Forever” in 1974 with Adel Imam, Mohammad Reza and Najwa Fouad, when the director Mahmoud Farid, who introduced him at the beginning of his film career, suggested to him what he was trying to draw The audience looked at it until it was stuck in their minds, and after a long research they reached the phrase “sweetness” which he said in the film 13 times.


The scene of the “clutches” of the artist “Shirin” in the play of married, the reason for her fame, as Sherin confirmed that in more than a television interview, which is always remembered so far by the «Shirin Srsar».

«I’m a fool»

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Echoed by the artist Adel Imam in the scene of the trial with a play «witness what is needed», and is one of the most comedic scenes that laughed the audience every time they saw the play.

«The box in which eh? Elephant”

This phrase and others, such as «sweeter than honor Mavish», «prayer of the Prophet best», «attention of Dance» and «Oh ah ah», Avihat famous by the late artist Tawfiq Aldqnn did not compete in the history of Egyptian cinema until now.

«Love you Stamone»

The artist, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the film «Kif», and was the character of Kamal, the older brother of the chemist, who entered with him in a conflict because of drugs and its impact on abusers, so that the latter to make a mixture mimic cannabis pieces.

«Amina began to answer her time and time Jaya»

A poem by Fouad Al-Mohandes in “The Ragel De Heggeni”, which starred Shouekar as “Amina”. When she left him on the pretext of going to buy a stamp, he chanted that phrase.

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Of the songs that were frequented by the artist Suheir Babli in the play «Ria and Sakina» when calling for the artist Ahmed Badir, who participated in the tournament in the play.

«Get You Ramadan»

In the play “The Children grew up” when Salih tried to teach Mukhtar some of the life things that the wife needs for her husband, he surprises him with a spontaneous reaction from which everyone laughs, especially when she tries to respond to his education and smokes her cigar which is not She used to catch her before.

«Today is no government I’m the government»

A famous scene by Ahmed El Sakka in the first part of the film “Al Jazeera”, which also embodied in the announcement of the Internet speed of a mobile network in Egypt.

«Buffalo met buffalo»

The artist Yunus Shalaby said when he was playing the role of “Atef” the younger son, in the famous comedy comedy “Alayal Kubrat”.

Epheat carries words and beauty echoed by artists during their work, whether theatrical, television or film

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