Video of a shocked Arab girl smokes shisha in her home: Mama give me, Mama

Video of a shocked Arab girl

A video of an Arab girl who is not four years old, who is smoking a shisha.

The girl appears in the video, published by Al Arabiya, sitting on a couch in what appears to be her family’s house. She screams at her mother to ask for her and when the mother responds to the request, the girl kisses the shisha like a smoker and smokes it without hesitation.

The child gets angry when her mother pulls out the hookah or asks for another child to sit next to her.

The video has been widely criticized, especially since it contradicts the natural rule that protects minors and children from harm and does not expose them to both health and moral risks.

It is also known that the shisha harmful to the detriment of smoking even cigarettes.

It is clear from the video that the mother of the girl photographed her daughter, especially as he heard in the tape the voice of a woman is not impressed by the damage carried by the shisha to the eyes of that little girl.

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