Three female employees were arrested in connection with Burj Al Arab in Alexandria on charges of bribery


On Tuesday, the Burj Al Arab prosecutor in Alexandria arrested three female employees of the Burj Al Arab traffic unit on charges of forgery, damage to public money, profiting from the job, dealing with civilians and facilitating the licensing of unknown vehicles for money.

Khalid Mahmoud, the deputy prosecutor of Burj Al Arab in Alexandria, issued a decision to set up and bring in all of the “LM”, “SA” and “FMH”, all employees of the passage of Burj Al Arab, while in the headquarters Their work at the Burj al-Arab traffic unit was based on the edited report by Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Abu al-Saad, head of the Burj al-Arab traffic department. The three women were detained and taken to the Borg al-Arab prosecutor’s office.

Three employees of the Burj Al Arab Traffic Unit in Alexandria agreed with a fourth person, a car owner, to facilitate licensing procedures for his unidentified vehicles for money.

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