Zamalek club or Al-Sahel Al-Sahli .. Who decides the qualification for the final of the African Confederation?


The result of the first leg ended with the victory of the white with a goal without a reply recorded by Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kharba, yesterday evening.

This is the first time that the decision in Tunisia during the confrontations of the two teams in the playoffs, having already met in those roles twice in 1999, and 2015 and each time Cairo was hosting the meeting of the discount.

The chances of the two teams are great, especially that winning a goal for none of the outstanding results, and can not be determined the holder of the ticket to the final, and in this context, “Erm News” to poll the views of the game experts on the chances of both teams to win.

LEMER coach Sahel warns Zamalek against “different face” in Tunisia
Murtaza Mansour to attack Gros after Zamalek match and Al Sahel star: Interfereed to participate “electrified” and does not listen to any tips (video)
Ayman Younis: Playing in a balanced way Zamalek road to the final

Ayman Younis, the former Zamalek star and football analyst, confirmed that the return game would be very difficult as coach Grosse overcame a comfortable win after managing the second half poorly, reversing the first half he managed very well.

On the return meeting, he told “Erm News”, that Zamalek lies in his chances of cohesion and playing in a balanced way to form a danger to the goal of the star Sahel, while the gravity lies in the players of the earth and the public and they know how to exploit them more than wonderful.

Aborgaila: An early goal was kidnapped

Zamalek coach Mahmoud Abourgila, who had previously faced Al-Sahel in the same round with Zamalek in the African Cup of Nations in 1999, said that Al-Bayd had dropped significantly in the second half but postponing the game would be in favor of the White team. In order to get a rest before the next discount on Sunday; which gives the players the opportunity to recover physically.

He added to “Erm News”, that Zamalek needs only one goal in the return meeting, especially in the first quarter hour in order to kill the game early and the export of despair and frustration of the players of the star Sahel, which will have another form in the return meeting, especially with the freedom of the back and midfielders and those who They are a source of strength.

Tamer Abdelhamid: The winning Zamalek paper

Tamer Abdelhamid, the former Zamalek star, said Gross made several mistakes in the first leg, especially Mahmoud’s change of electrification and the late change of Youssef Obama, who was very stressed, but he had to arrange his cards quickly before the decisive meeting in Tunisia, As possible and the way to play against Hassania Agadir in the first leg in Morocco the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Al Ahly, Zamalek, Pyramids and Egyptian clubs
Who has the strongest foreign quartet this season Ahli or Zamalek? .. Egyptian football experts answer “toss News”
“There is no crisis in defense if it is necessary to get the best result against ES Sahel, who has a good team with the players of the ground, and the fans are very enthusiastic and they are undoubtedly a great force for the star,” he told The News.

Zamalek faced the Tunisian teams 12 times before Etoile Sahel, losing no time at home, won 9 times and tied 3 times.

Zamalek managed to score their third victory in their history against ES Sahel in seven matches. He was not lost in Egypt but he always suffered in the Tunisian territory.

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