50% decline in fish prices in Suez days before Ramadan


The main fish markets witnessed a decline in the prices of luxury fish as they are called, especially the “feeling” fish. The price per kilo fell 50% from 180 pounds to 90 pounds, amid assurances from owners of fishing boats and traders that prices will fall further as Ramadan approaches.

The traders try different fish markets in Suez, especially the markets of Ansari, and the model market, attracting citizens in various ways to buy fish, especially after the fish markets have become abandoned places of customers because of the excessive prices.

Traders use several ways to attract customers, including ads through social media sites, and also through WattsApp.

Ahmed Sayed, a fish trader in Suez, confirmed that the price of the fishes has dropped significantly and reached 50% and will fall further.

He added that the price of fish could fall further if the government is committed to implementing the president’s decision to ban the export of fish once and for all. Unfortunately, until today the export continues, and raising the price of the fees on the exported ton is not the solution. Only for four months, although everyone knows it’s months to stop hunting. “

“We are trying to attract citizens to buy fish now through the Watsab and Facebook ads, and we are trying to convey a message to everyone that the price of fish is declining until the citizens visit the fish market,” said Abdullah Mahmoud, a fish trader in Suez.

He added that “Abdullah,” one of the reasons for the decline in prices for fish is now that the month of Ramadan approached and citizens do not prefer much to buy fish in the month of Ramadan.

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