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Leaked documents: Qatar refuses to hand over information about al-Qaeda elements present in its territory

al-Qaeda elements present in its territory

Qatar has refused to provide information to the United States on the activities of Al Qaeda-linked elements in Qatar, including Hassan Abker and Abdullah Al-Ahdal, who were granted by the Emir of Qatar 2016 Luxury villas in Doha More than 40 other villas have been awarded to 40 families of Brotherhood leaders, including Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Abdulali Al-Shamiri and Tawakul Kerman.

The documents revealed that Qatar indirectly accused Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman of supporting leaders and prominent figures in the Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arabian Peninsula. The accusation was attributed to the deputy secretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial information. 
According to documents published by a number of media outlets Arab and international media, Qatar has rejected the US Deputy Treasury Secretary’s request for terrorism and financial information to include the leaders of the Al-Islah Reform Party Hassan Abker and Abdullah Al-Ahdal as a list of sanctions for their involvement in supporting and funding al-Qaeda, Ah Muslim Brotherhood , which enjoys great political and material support from Qatar, where he was spotted large financial transfers from Qatar through bathymetric Exchange Company on behalf of Abdullah VMA and Rahma Charity Association and on behalf of Hassan earlier last year handed over to the leaders of a pro-base
According to documents Qatar ‘s ambassador in Washington, Mohamed Jeham Kuwari US Contact Person has agreed to hide the meeting, which brought together the information circulating on Saudi Arabia and the UAE government reflects that Qatar is working individually against Saudi Arabia and the UAE details 
and indicated the documents to the US official request from Qatar ‘s ambassador in Washington to provide America with information And integrated reports on the leaders of the Islah Party listed in the US sanctions list, for their close relationship with al-Qaeda that the two were present in the State of Qatar and have the support and protection of the Qatari government 
also owns Hassan Abker and Ali Mohsen But the reports indicate that the Qatari ambassador did not provide the US official with any information or information about those mentioned in Qatar’s apparent concealment of information about al-Qaeda and associated figures financially, politically and militarily.
The documents included detailed information on the activities of Abecker Hassan and Al-Adhal in support of Al-Qaeda and Da’ad, and the direct funding provided by the head of Saudi intelligence, Khalid bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Humaidan to Ali Abker, to buy unknown equipment and deliver it to Dahesh. 
According to the documents, the US Deputy Secretary of State expressed concern that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman was working with al-Qaeda and other extremist groups without coordination with the Americans. The Deputy Minister also expressed US dissatisfaction with the expansion and expansion of al-Qaeda in Yemen and neighboring countries

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