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The Mysterious Farming of Tahitian Pearls That Makes It Authentic and High in Demand


Tahitian pearls or black pearls got their term from the Tahiti Island. They are cultivated in black lip oyster which is rarely available. Many other pearls like freshwater pearls or Akoya pearls are harvested in large scale, but Tahitian or black pearls are the only gemstone that is cultivated in small scale, since black lip oysters aren’t plenty in number. This is why its demand is more and the price is high.

There are many colours available in Tahitian pearls. They can be cream white, peacock, light grey, regal green or deep black. All of them have a particular overtone that reflects from it and makes it brighter. You can click here to learn more about Tahitian pearls and their variety of shades and sizes available in shape of jewellery for sale. A tiny or immature black lip oyster isn’t capable of creating pearls for the industry. This job is done by a matured and quite big in size black lip oyster.

Below mentioned is the process of cultivation –

  • Nucleation
  • Pearl Farming


During nucleation process a grain or foreign tiny object in intruded in black lip oyster, which is left in the lagoon for months. When oyster feels irritation due to the foreign object, it starts excreting fluid, what is called nacre to coat the grain. This coating is increased in number unless the oyster isn’t relieved from irritation. Then, after months a cut is made on oyster’s gonad to remove the pearl. This cut is made very cautiously so that oyster isn’t injured and can be used again for cultivation.

Pearl Farming

Oysters are stored in lagoon so they survive and grow naturally in it. Once they are matured. These oysters are pulled out by farmers, when they feel that oysters have matured and so have the pearl inside, and take them to harvesting region. There the shell is opened with special tools and the pearl is taken out. However, it is also kept in mind that the oysters aren’t harmed or killed during this process.

Most oysters don’t survive during nucleation, only the matured and strong oysters are able to bear it. One oyster can be used at least five times for cultivation. Hence, next time when you buy Tahitian earring, ring or necklace, do remember the nucleation process and thank nature’s creation.

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