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A serious mistake in the episode Wael Kfoury with Ramez Jalal exposing the mold! – Pictures

Ramez Jalal

A number of the viewers of yesterday’s episode of Ramez’s underground show of comedian Ramiz Galal, who starred Lebanese star Wa’el Kfoury as a guest, witnessed a serious error in the car’s sights and the sand dunes.

Wael Kfoury wearing blue jeans in the car
Wael appeared in the car scene, wearing blue jeans , but he appeared in another black trousers, when he was in the moving sand! Although it is assumed that the imaging was done at the same time.

Wael Kfoury After changing his pants
, a large number of the pioneers of social networking sites considered that this is a serious mistake in the program (Ramez underground) and made them sure to fabricate the dumps, since it is assumed that the guest does not know the mold, how Wael changed his clothes, unless Was he aware of all the details of the plot?

Others, however, defended Ramez, saying only that Wael’s pants were worn by black sand.

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