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An Indian newspaper details the details of Shahrukhan’s mold fabrication with Ramez Jalal with this evidence

Shahrukhan's mold fabrication with Ramez Jalal

Indian newspaper “Hindustan Times” revealed details of the episode of Indian star Shahrukh Khan in the program “Rams underground”, which caused a stir in the Arab world.

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The newspaper confirmed that Shahrukh was aware of the details of the plot, and that he trained before filming, pointing out that Ramez Jalal does not like to put stars in real trouble, so he informs them and practice before filming.

The newspaper also hinted that the international star Paris Hilton, which was filmed last year, was also trained before filming, because if it did not do Ramiz Jalal would have filed a lawsuit against him immediately.

Khan appeared in Ramez under the ground and the Indian newspaper said that Shahrukh Khan appeared calm when he fell into the swamp of mud, and all he did was stay in the sand, until the emergence of the huge lizard.

In a surprise, the Indian newspaper said she had contacted Shahrukh Khan’s manager, who in turn confirmed that he knew the plot and trained on it before filming, as she trained well to look angry from Ramez Jalal.

The Shahroukhan episode was highly watched and exceeded expectations, especially since his fans in the Arab world wanted to know what he was doing when he met Ramez Jalal and his victim was killed.

Shahroukhan’s episode sparked controversy with Ramez Jalal and his unwillingness to reconcile him, leaving the scene and returning to the hotel, refusing to talk to the latter.

Shahrukh Khan is teaching Ramez Jalal a lesson, and despite the attempts of Ramz Jalal, desperate to calm the situation with Shahrukhan, the latter went away without showing that he accepted the plot.

It was only a few hours before Ramez Jalal released a video that he and Shahrukhan combined, and they seemed to be in harmony, which made the public assert that they reconciled after they returned to the hotel.

The newspaper reported that Shahrukhan had received $ 400,000 in pay for his television interview with Nishan, but asked for another $ 100,000 after knowing he had been a victim of the Ramiz Jalal mold.

Shahrukhan’s salary of 500,000 dollars is the highest paid by a star in Ramiz Jalal’s programs. The “Rams Underground” program is presented daily on MBC1 and MBC screens in Egypt

This is the secret behind the fact that Ghada Abdel Razek is not a victim in Ramez Jalal’s programs!

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