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Mina Shalabi captures the beauty of the first appearance of «Sunset Oasis

Mina Shalabi captures the beauty of the first appearance

Starring Mena Shalabi in her first appearance in the third episode of “Oasis of the Sunset”, she caught the eye of a different block perfectly suited to the role of foreign “Khojaya” embodyed, and appeared with hair “orange” color and makeup very simple and wore dresses suit the historical period of the series which After the Arab revolution and specifically in 1882.

In the context of the events, Catherine identified “Mena Shalabi” as the officer Mahmoud “Khaled Nabawi”. At first he hated her and rejected her because he believed that she was of English origin and hated the English, but their relationship improved after I told him about herself and her Irish origin.

She told Catherine Mahmood about her previous marriage, and learned that he was not married and did not live a love story, and they both began to admire each other.

And appeared during the episode, able to play the role of “Khojaya,” especially with regard to the pronunciation of Arabic words and its way of pronunciation and performance and expressions of the face and the outside of it.

The series “Oasis of Sunset” participates in the starring Khaled Nabawi, Menna Shalabi, Sayed Rajab, Ahmad Kamal, and others, and the series screenplay and dialogue Mariam Naoum and Hala Zaghandi, directed by Kamel Abu Zakri, and work is based on a novel by the great writer Bahaa Taher and bear the same name.

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