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Sarah Salama’s betrayal leads to heated confrontations in «highest price»

Sarah Salama's betrayal

The second episode of the series “Top Up” ended with the discovery of “Laila”, the betrayal of Sarah Salameh, Abla and Ahmed Magdy, “Karim.” They take a picture of them together while sitting with each other in a restaurant and sending it to her husband, Mohammed Hatem.

It is expected that the third episode, which was presented on Monday on the dmc, hot confrontations that could lead to violent quarrels, especially if it is treason, what will do Mohammed Hatem towards his brother and his wife, regarding the picture that reached his phone from Zeina.

Also, does Nelly Karim begin to grumble about living with Ahmed Fahmy because of the tightness of the situation, and living in a random area?

The second episode of the series “Top Price” witnessed the marriage of Dr. “Ahmed Fahmy” of the ballet dancer “Nelly Karim” amid intense anger from her mother towards that marriage.

The series starring Nelly Karim, Zina, Ahmad Fahmyo Ahmed Magdy, Sara Salama, Beshri and Nabil El Halafawy, production of “Gamal El Adl”, written by Medhat El Adl, directed by Mohamed El Adl.

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