“An assault, a beating, a sentence of imprisonment.” The full story of Mirhan Hussein’s case after being

story of Mirhan Hussein's

Hussein Bassiouni, the father of the artist Mirhan Hussein, said that his daughter handed herself over today to the police department of the pyramid and was deported to the prison of Qanater to carry out the sentence against her for two weeks imprisonment.

Hussain Bassiouni added that his daughter will spend only 11 days in prison and will complete her work immediately after her release from prison.

In this report, we provide you with the full story of the artist Mirhan Hussein:

The first was the arrest of the artist Mirhan Hussein in a police ambush at the pyramid section, and the spread of a video of the artist is a police officer, and then went to the artist Mirhan Hussein with the media Wael al-Ibrashi that the police officers physically assaulted and defied her offer, while police officers defended themselves by saying that they sat She was driving drunk.

The court heard in its various sessions of witness testimony in the case of Mirhan Hussein, known as the “ambush of the pyramid”. During her testimony, she denied the detainees of the pyramid section in front of the prosecution. The officers insulted the artist during her detention in the section or humiliated her. The members of the ambush force said that the artist beat the police officer After the storming of the ambush, while the doctor of the hospital pyramid, who signed the medical disclosure to the artist, she was attacked and beaten in different parts of the body.

During the court sessions, singer Mirhan Hussein was absent for five consecutive sessions summoned by the court to hear her statements, claiming that she was undergoing surgery to prevent her from appearing before the court, and with her first presence, the artist Mirhan Hussein made sure to wear hijab to hide from citizens and media cameras.

The Court of Misdemeanors of the Pyramid, on Monday – October 8, sentenced the artist “Mirhan Hussein” two and a half years in the case known as the “ambush of the pyramid” and to secure the money of 30 thousand pounds, in accusing the leadership drunk, and assault on a public official during the performance The court also charged police officers with charges of assaulting and insulting artist Mirihan Hussain and insulting her, insulting and slandering her. The court fined two police officers in the pyramid section, charged with 20,000 pounds each.

“The verdict is preliminary and is not enforceable,” said Mirhan Hussain in an exclusive comment on Masrawy’s website. “The ruling is not final and there is an appeal in the case and the case is in the courts.”

The lawyer of the artist Mirhan Hussein appealed to the first sentence against his client, and received an appeal on her sentence of two weeks in prison, but singer Mirhan Hussein said in her exclusive statements to MBC Training that the verdict, however slight, would appeal to him. The end was a sentence against her, but Mirhan decided to surrender herself and spend 11 days in prison to finish the case.

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