Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

The law states that someone should be warned of a dangerous property condition once the owner or operator is aware of the danger. This law applies to all or any public places, like stores, restaurants, schools, and government property. If you slip, trip, or fall and believe the responsible party knew or ought to have familiar concerning the danger on the premises before you fell, you will be able to recover for your injuries.

You have the right to seek compensation if you were injured on somebody else’s property due to their neglagence. Whereas there are bound circumstances under that compensation might not be obtainable (for instance, if you injured yourself when you are trespassing), if you have suffered a significant injury in an exceedingly slip, trip, or fall accident, you should talk to a Slip and Fall Attorney.

How can slip and fall accident attorney help?

Under the law, the property owner has a legal responsibility to make sure they are moderately safe for his or her visitors and guests. In several contexts, this may mean various things. As an example, whereas a homeowner’s obligations could also be restricted to warning guests of any familiar safety risks (such as a cracked cement step or loose handrail), business homeowners have more significant responsibilities. They have to fix any problems that would be discovered with an affordable inspection. An experienced attorney can assess the circumstances in your case and take appropriate steps to seek most compensation for your injury-related losses.

Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

The law firm represents people who have suffered traumatic injuries all told sorts of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents. Whereas there is an endless list of things that would cause an unexpected and sudden fall, below may be an outline of a number of the most common problems the lawyer tends to encounter.

Building Code and Safety Violations

From homes and businesses that were not engineered to code – to job sites without adequate safety precautions in place – there is a range of code and safety violations which will cause a dangerous slip, trip, and fall accidents. If you were injured because of a code or safety violation, the slip and fall attorney could use this to assist prove your claim for compensation.

Clutter, Trash, and Debris

On sidewalks, and in walkways of hospitals, nursing homes, and businesses, litter and trash will produce risks for accidental and sudden falls. Whether you tripped over an obstacle or were unable to access a handrail, you will be entitled to money recovery.

Dangerous Sidewalks and Parking heaps

Potholes, cracks, tree roots, unmarked curbs, small collection, and several different problems will cause falls on sidewalks or in parking heaps. If you fell whereas walking to or from a store, office, residence, or different business, you will be entitled to recover your injury-related losses.

Dangerous Stairs and Handrails

Improper style, crumbling concrete, cracked wood, inadequate skid protection, and numerous different factors will build stairs immoderately critical. Loose handrails conjointly play a job in much dangerous slip, trip, and fall accidents.

Elevators and Escalators

Elevator and escalator malfunctions will cause severe traumatic injuries. Maintenance problems (such as worn flooring material in an elevator) will cause slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents as well as.

Flooring Defects and Maintenance problems

Loose floorboards, uneven flooring services, torn carpeting, and different flooring defects and maintenance problems will cause accidents once you least expect them. As a general rule, property owners must keep up their premises in an exceedingly moderately safe condition, and these sorts of problems can ofttimes support claims for monetary compensation.


From puddles on sidewalks and parking heaps to slippery floors at building exits and entrances, the rain will present a blunder hazard below an excellent form of circumstances.

Recently-Cleaned Floors

Recent cleanings will build tiles and different sleek flooring surfaces extraordinarily slippery, and recently-cleaned floors are responsible for many slip-and-fall accidents each year.


From grocery stores to hospitals, spills will cause severe injuries for unsuspecting customers and guests. Businesses should pack up spills (or place adequate warning signs) promptly to forestall excess falls. After they fail to try and do this, they will be controlled to blame for the victims’ money and non-financial losses.

Unsafe Ladders And Staging

Rickety ladders and scaffolding are among the worst fall risks for several kinds of employees. Owners will suffer severe injuries on unsafe ladders and scaffolding. If a ladder’s rungs are loose, slippery, or otherwise defective, they will cause dangerous accidents leading to acute traumatic injuries.

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