Rima Deeb shouts from above and reveals her thighs and Fifi Abdo flirts with her


It seems that the fever of commitment has hit many artists who are thrilled by the month of Ramadan. After the decision to retire from Lebanon, Rola Yamout, her activities through the media only during the month of Ramadan came the role of the Lebanese singer, which we have not heard a song so far Rima Deeb, which we know through its scandalous views .

Lebanese singer Rima Deeb in the hijab

The Lebanese singer Rima Deeb in the hijab.
Rima decided to look up from above and only showed up in her latest picture. She covered her blond hair with blue tulle like a veil, but at the same time she was wearing a very short dress revealing her thighs.

On the other hand, the Egyptian dancer Vivi Abdo gave a gala to Rima, who sang with her beauty and her preference over Sama El Masri. She said: “Rima is the best with your love.

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