Shock and astonishment after the death of Dina Harb

Dina Harb

She loved natural beauty and took an approach to her style in the world of beauty, her cosmetic touches using the mikab able to convert every bride to the queen of the night of her wedding, the requests for booking before months of weddings, for girls to fight to put a war on her cosmetic touches on the night of life. 

A crowd of Dina Harb and her followers received the news of her death yesterday with shock and shock. A few hours after a live broadcast, the beauty expert went to her followers on Facebook as she used to.

Dina Harb has gained fame in the world of cosmetics and makeup, and has been able to compete with famous names in this field, to be among the most famous cosmetic experts in Egypt, and the most accurate and professional in their work, but began her career as a fashion and then entered the world of beauty.

Many celebrities and celebrities have dealt with Dina Harb, putting their distinctive touches on their faces, including Yasmin Khatib, Al Waleed Al Sharif and others. 

In the past few hours, comments and publications have come to the detriment of Dina, a war on Facebook, of her followers and brides who were waiting for her on the night of life, shocked by the news of her death and making comments on her invitations after her sudden death.


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