Signature quick foods that bring you closer to Denver culture


Denver, the capital city of Colorado, is a metropolis in America offering great fusion culture to savor to its tourists. Home to various museums, art galleries and even to the mansion of Titanic survivor Molly Brown, this city exudes charm like no other place in the world.

To know the city closely, you must plan Food Tour Denver that offers you a lifetime chance to explore this city like a local amongst the locals. While on the food tour that mostly comprises of signature dishes and walking tour of the city, you get your high in the form of local drinks developed at the family run breweries and vineyards. So, if you are above 18 and want to know the story behind the food and culture of Denver city, try these signature dishes while your visit there:

Southern Mexican Hamburger

This dish gives you a slice of life of Denver which is almost incomplete about things smothered with green chile. Like many other dishes, hamburger is also made quite flavorful with green chile sauce. It is having ham patty in the center and has dash of beans, melted cheese and a covering of tortilla. Quite a filling way to start the day or to address the hunger pang during the tour!

Pho 555

Now this is where the Denver locals seem to get their unending energy from. This dish is a beef broth in which rice noodles and steaks are simmered so that they get all the goodness and flavor of the broth. Filling, tasty and much nutritious, this is one of the dishes you cannot afford to miss!

Fry bread taco

The fried bread forms the base and you can choose the fillings of your preference. Options can be meat or veggies and salsa. It is true representative of what North American food is all about.

So, dig into these signature dishes when you are on a tour to this marvelous city of Denver. Do ask for homemade drinks too!

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