Songs of Sham Alnasim will make the atmosphere Badi

Sham Al Naseem

For 47 years now, Suad Hosni has composed her famous phrase “The World is Spring and the Atmosphere is Beautiful” with the celebration of the Egyptian festival of Sham Al Naseem.

It is not only the lyrics of the song that created that situation, but the song scene from the Zoukou Khali Balak film, which was produced in 1972, is in line with the celebration of the breeze.

A state of joy in the scene of the song, which is shared by Soad Hosni Hussein Fahmi and Samir Ghanem in a garden full of green spaces and flowers with reviews and music.

The world is spring

Songs of Sham Alnasim

Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid al-Atrash and Umm Kulthum also have their share of the songs of Sham el-Nasim. The songs of the spring festivals were limited to the stars of the beautiful time.


Every year, Egyptians celebrate this time with the breeze that represents the end of the cold winter days and the summer heat.

The Egyptians have their own rituals in celebrating the fragrance of the breeze that comes after the celebration of Christians on the Day of Resurrection, and Muslims and Christians alike celebrate the breeze.

Going to public parks and eating salty fish such as fennel, herring and egg coloring is a way Egyptians have long celebrated the Spring Festival

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