Video Rania Youssef and Khalid Yousef

Video Rania Youssef and Khalid Yousef

Rania Youssef and Khaled Yousif said on Saturday about the “porn” video, which is used for social networking sites.

“The campaign started since I entered the House of Representatives and has continued until now. This campaign does not shake my hair, and I will not be discouraged because I believe that we are a state of law,” he said.

“I call on the organs of the state concerned to investigate and resolve the reports submitted several times, which will reveal who are publishing and trading these materials, and those behind them funding, and what are their purposes.”

Rania Youssef’s media office said that “any site, newspaper or pages on social media sites that are directly or indirectly harmed by the publication of any news or pictures of defamation will be prosecuted according to the articles and provisions of the Penal Code”

Video Rania Youssef and Khalid Yousef

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